Adventures Down South: Pemberton, Western Australia.

Friday 8 July 2016

If I spend too long in one place, I get extremely restless. I have a grand, continual desire to travel to distant, far away places without the 'grand' bank balance to match. So when I begin to get restless, I plan a smaller trip, this time  round Michael and I settled for somewhere within WA. Usually, we'll lug along the roof top tent, find a campsite and make that our home for the duration. However, before we each went off our separate ways in July (him to Europe, me to America) we decided to have a luxury weekend break down south. When I say luxury, I mean we stayed in the most beautiful chalet in Pemberton.

Our cabin was equipped with a wood burning stove, spa bath, high wood ceilings and a gorgeous balcony overlooking the forest. We spent our evenings in luxurious bath robes, drinking wine and eating skittles (I never said we were mature) listening to the trees creek above the chalet. To my delight there was no connection in the entirety of this small town, meaning no interruptions in the form of emails or notifications.

I only have iPhone pictures of the inside of the cabin because I'd forgotten my memory card and only managed to purchase one once we had checked out. We have plans to return, so next time I'll definitely get some decent pictures of the chalet. I do however, have plenty of pictures of the chalet's surroundings, and what we got up to in Pemberton. It was lovely to see the other side of Perth, by now I've seen plenty of stunning white sand and blue waters spanning as far as the eye can see. Pemberton's forests and lakes reminded me of home, not to mention the rain we experienced that weekend!

Michael and I layered up and took a long walk around Big Brook Dam. Despite the dreary weather, the walk was beautiful. Altogether I think the walk was 4.5k and we took our time making our way around, taking in everything and reading all of the information boards around the track. We learned that Michael is actually quite the shutterbug, unlike myself. I just point and shoot with crossed fingers. If I take 1000 pictures I'm bound to find at least 3 I can use... 

After Big Brook Dam we made our way to Gloucester National Park to climb the Gloucester tree. At 72 metres high it is the world's second tallest fire-lookout tree. I had no intention of climbing the 153 spikes spiralling the tree with a mere wire cage to catch you. However, Michael pointed out we had paid $10 to get into the park and may as well get our monies worth with the view of the forest canopy from the top of the tree. 

153 spikes later and my legs were shaking more than I thought physically possible. Whether from fear of heights or the strenuous activity, I'm not really sure. I'm glad I did it... but my God, what an experience. Once at the top you can feel the tree swaying with the wind, which considering the time of year was far stronger than I'd have liked. 

But the view. Worth every step. 

I wish I had some pictures from the top of the tree, but there was no chance I was taking my hands off of the hand rail in order to take any. 

The rest of our trip was spent drinking craft beer in some rural breweries and admiring a double rainbow from the cosy comfort of our car. 

 Pemberton Reccomendations

If you are planning a trip to Pemberton:

1. I'd highly recommend staying at Kangaroo Creek Chalets
2. Climb the Gloucester Tree at Gloucester National Park. 
3. Take a walk around Big Brook Dam
4. Have breakfast at The Holysmoke Cafe. 
5. Visit The Pemberton Visitor Centre on a Saturday morning, and you may just meet the volunteer wildlife carer and the baby joeys she looks after. 

Pemberton is such a lovely area to explore and I can't wait to return in the new year. Let me know if you get round to visiting too, well worth the trip!

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